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Posted by ClassParody - December 27th, 2008

the third number does not end
the first is `Q7one, the fourth has one
yet it is a new (?second)
with more than an in~5nD"ite possibilities
without a story to start

the seventh is everywhere

the reïncarnation is most known, but very connected with its older brother
yet there remains a ruin, an old pyramid full of answers

a bright flare unlike any other

mayba92$ am insane

rampant new comes

no nova will end the galaxy


bent has i S&7

Posted by ClassParody - July 29th, 2007

I just cleaned up my account. I removed two flash submissions of mine: Acacah and Endag Preview.
Acacah was a silly movie created in and submitted in a laughing mood. Me and some friends were laughing like hell at it and someone came in with this idea "Hey! Put it on Newgrounds!", so I did just that. A few hours later, I realized how horrible it was. I basically took Arfenhouse characters and put them in a certain situation. It was unoriginal and to tell the truth, it wasn't even funny. I left it here on NG since I didn't want to hide the truth. Today I looked at my submissions and I saw Acacah again and I realized that it was not a personal historical thing like Neutral Jedi or Endag. I wasn't proud of it and it wasn't clever at all. So I removed it.
I also removed Endag Preview. It has very little that is not featured in the game and it promised things that are not in the final game. Silly naïve me back then, giving out previews for stuff I couldn't finish properly.
The game Endag itself is still on NG, but it's very short and although it is a certain style, the drawing in all is kind of questionable. I have also worked on Endag 2, which is a very different story, but I never finished it, because I wanted to update it lots (although it is bigger and better than Endag 1) I'm stuck somewhere in the story and I wanted to update some fundamental parts of the engine.
No, today I'm better than all that. My latest movie, Halo Pramape AotCR, deserves more. Sadly it has not yet reached the Halo Collections Page, so if you feel like helping out, please go to that submission and recommend it for a collection.
And I never ever get to finish the good games. HuntCopter was not even that big a project, but I submitted it since I thought it was finished. That wasn't entirely true, I want to add more to it now, but I'm not going to remove it - I could always use some criticism. Why do my biggest flash skills revolve around unfinished or loose things? I know it has something to do with too much homework, but I can't get any farther than that.

Ah well. I cleaned up my account and talked about a part of my history in Flash. I have a new idea I have to work out in flash, after which it will sit in my computer for years, unfinished.

Posted by ClassParody - July 22nd, 2007

These words are from EwoudCP, the head of ClassParody.

Apparently, I have worked on my last Halo: Pramape movie for over a year. Not really, just on/off production. I have thought long and hard about the jokes and my main thought was "are they relevant to the game?" - not every joke is, but most jokes should make Halo 1 players understand it. I mainly worked on it by my own, with the biggest help being Caner as a sort of co-writer (and voice actor for RedChief/player 2) and with a bit of help from other people. The animation, however, is all me and the character graphics as well (except for the hunters, which is put to paper by Kart at first before I copied them over to Flash). The male and alien voices are mostly mine. The basic writing was me as well, with Caner helping me with some minor issues.
All this work and eventually I "failed". People asked me how I felt about the movie not reaching front page like the other two did. I already accepted it. Front page is not a right. Right now it's just that I want the movie in one specific spot: in the Halo collections page, next to the other two. Because I believe the movie is at least equally good if not better than the other two.
On the other hand, I did tell the Halo fanbase about it. It was on the news at HBO (halo.bungie.org) and that way it has recieved enough publicity for me to be satisfied. Besides, it was on the list of best of the week in the portal.
It's not a loss at all. It's just not the kind of ultimate victory I expected it to be. I'm happy about it anyway. I got over it, but if you do feel like helping out: submit my movie to the Halo collections page. Go to my movie and on that page you'll find "Recommend this for a collection" - recommend it to the Halo page to improve its chance of eventually being placed in the Halo collection.

In other news, I have two computers. My home computer, being your standard desktop computer with the ability to play games and work in flash. Then you have my laptop, which, compared to my desktop, is a RAM powerhouse and my favourite to use when I work in Flash. Recently, I had to send my laptop to the manufacturer to get it repaired due to backlight issues (and while they're at it, they can fix the keyboard problem that I had from the start) - I have insurance on the laptop, so I don't have to pay for it, but I do have to wait. For 4-5 weeks, damnit!
That means only my desktop computer is left. No biggie, right? I have a backup of my laptop harddisk, so I can work on that computer as well. No. I broke the thing myself when I tried to upgrade its RAM. I won't tell you the details, but the new parts will cost me a lot.
I was planning to work on a new, non-pramape project. I was also going to finish the half-finished games I have lying around and make them compatible for the Wii. But I'm out of computers for the moment, right in the middle of the summer vacation, the only free weeks I have that are not completely infested with homework. And since I have to work on everything pretty much on my own, I'm all out of working material. The other computers in this house are either too weak, off bounds or with limited access. There is one computer available, though. But that one is unpredictable when it comes to availability. I think I'll try something with that one, but I never guarantee anything. I hate it when someone announces a project and fails to deliver. That is why I never announced a next Pramape. Once I announced a game - no, I did that twice. I announced one game which was eventually a failure. I announced its sequel but never finished it.

Ah well, life goes on. So do problems. And so do the good things. I'm happy with my life anyway, I just want more.