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Ebaumsworld? Kill!

Ebaumsworld has got to go! Seriously! That site is only fitting for people who are complete n00bs to the internet. And sadly, there are too many people like that.
This movie shows roughly what ebaumsworld is all about: stealing content and making money off it. I swear, if I see any of my works there I would flood ebaumsworld with forum messages and e-mails to get it removed.
This movie, however, is nothing compared to the ebaum bashing stuff I see on YTMND.

Oh, and in response to whatever was said earlier by ebaumsworld fans: nothing on ebaumsworld is original work. And most of it isn't even submitted by the original authors. Whoever says Newgrounds makes money off of it's Flash portal may be right, but there are a few fundamental differences. One of them is the fact that Newgrounds is a site that has the priority of being a flash portal for everyone (making money is not the top priority). Also, all the works here are submitted by their original author (in contrary to ebaumsworld). Eric Bauman is an arrogant kid who thinks he's so very great and would probably brag about how great his site is to everyone in real life. You can really see that in the e-mails he sent to YTMND. Those e-mails were extremely hypocrite and arrogant.

To MrPants3000

MrPants3000, this wasn't stolen from Disasterlabs. The original comic was made loong before either 8-Bitch and 8-Bit were made. When 8 bit theater was a success, Disasterlabs threw a giant parody (or a giant FU) to 8 bit theater by making "8-bitch theater fyve", which parodied 8 bit theater 5 before it even came out.

Anyway, great movie.
I don't really care if the story or graphics aren't yours. Great job on this!


This is a tough one.

Graphics: 6. it is pretty well drawn (well, most of it), but poorly animated. And with poorly animated I mean that in a lot of cases I have to put effort into trying to understand what they're doing. The 3D parts didn't really fit in the movie.

Style: 8! A completely ****ed up storyline, but I can't blame you for that after what I did to the Truth and Reconciliaion. Homerun...

Sound: Nutshell-ish. It doesn't fit with the animation, so... 4

Humor: I guess this is the main idea of the movie.... A bit... confusing... But still sort of funny. And some points actually are funny.

Overall: To be honest, the reason I won't go lower than this is because of the fact that it is Halo. I won't dare going lower than a 6 though. The amount of story compared to the humor just somehow isn't right.

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The game was very challenging. The horrible ghost AI is exactly what makes this game a challenge. If the ghost AI would be good, the game would become too easy. It would be too simple to corner pacman over and over again. It was hard for me to quickly switch between ghosts and corner pacman, and the ghost AI messed up frequently, but it just means you'll have to take more control over the ghosts and check up on every one of them frequently.
The idea is that the player compensates for the bad ghost AI, but some people just don't get it.

Great project!

This is the kind of revolutionary game that makes Flash worth it. It is a perfect game. All the different modes are great. I downloaded this game to my computer so I can play it anytime. All these people saying it's decent and stuff, they don't understand that this is one of the best and most balanced games ever made in Flash. It has a touch of Super Smash Bros, but with its own great elements. Not a single character is too good or too bad. Believe me, this is not a one-go game. VS mode makes this better, like it did with SSB. Graphics are perfect in every sense, style is perfect, sound (music) is excellent. If I could put 20/10 for interactivity once in a review in my whole life, this would be the first game that would come to mind. Forget all those people talking about missing characters - apart from Strawberryclock this game has all important characters and then some. I've finished all story modes and all challenges. Mwahahaa!

Good concept, but not really...

The game is a good concept, but maybe you could make it with more "depth". Literally. I'm not saying full fledged 3D, but with a "depth effect" engine (I hope you understand what I mean). Or at least make a few platforms to jump on (which i'm afraid isn't logical to put in blood gulch).
What I'm saying is that the game is too basic. For instance, I wouldn't make a platformer, but a game with an overview. And I would add more weapons and vehicles... And grenades, too.
I'm busy on a Halo platformer myself (I dont guarantee I'll finish it) and it doesn't have the "depth" idea or the overview, but those would definetly make this game better.

BTW the names and the chat idea is a nice touch. Funny!

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Great music for games. I'll use it if I can make a loop out of it... Don't worry, though. I will put your name in the credits.

Beep boop!

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