Entry #3

bent has i S&7

2008-12-27 07:39:28 by ClassParody

the third number does not end
the first is `Q7one, the fourth has one
yet it is a new (?second)
with more than an in~5nD"ite possibilities
without a story to start

the seventh is everywhere

the reïncarnation is most known, but very connected with its older brother
yet there remains a ruin, an old pyramid full of answers

a bright flare unlike any other

mayba92$ am insane

rampant new comes

no nova will end the galaxy


bent has i S&7


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2009-05-08 16:08:40

Your so cool :) make another halo movie!


2009-06-06 23:07:38

A pyramid full of answers, eh? Could it be.. PID? xD I miss those games; it really is a shame that most FPS took after Doom instead of Marathon in the story department.


2010-03-05 07:04:26

how do i make flash animas.does pivt count or no