Account Cleanup

2007-07-29 05:16:32 by ClassParody

I just cleaned up my account. I removed two flash submissions of mine: Acacah and Endag Preview.
Acacah was a silly movie created in and submitted in a laughing mood. Me and some friends were laughing like hell at it and someone came in with this idea "Hey! Put it on Newgrounds!", so I did just that. A few hours later, I realized how horrible it was. I basically took Arfenhouse characters and put them in a certain situation. It was unoriginal and to tell the truth, it wasn't even funny. I left it here on NG since I didn't want to hide the truth. Today I looked at my submissions and I saw Acacah again and I realized that it was not a personal historical thing like Neutral Jedi or Endag. I wasn't proud of it and it wasn't clever at all. So I removed it.
I also removed Endag Preview. It has very little that is not featured in the game and it promised things that are not in the final game. Silly naïve me back then, giving out previews for stuff I couldn't finish properly.
The game Endag itself is still on NG, but it's very short and although it is a certain style, the drawing in all is kind of questionable. I have also worked on Endag 2, which is a very different story, but I never finished it, because I wanted to update it lots (although it is bigger and better than Endag 1) I'm stuck somewhere in the story and I wanted to update some fundamental parts of the engine.
No, today I'm better than all that. My latest movie, Halo Pramape AotCR, deserves more. Sadly it has not yet reached the Halo Collections Page, so if you feel like helping out, please go to that submission and recommend it for a collection.
And I never ever get to finish the good games. HuntCopter was not even that big a project, but I submitted it since I thought it was finished. That wasn't entirely true, I want to add more to it now, but I'm not going to remove it - I could always use some criticism. Why do my biggest flash skills revolve around unfinished or loose things? I know it has something to do with too much homework, but I can't get any farther than that.

Ah well. I cleaned up my account and talked about a part of my history in Flash. I have a new idea I have to work out in flash, after which it will sit in my computer for years, unfinished.


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2007-10-18 16:13:05

Well i guess the Premape of Assault on the control room ( Halo ) worked out really good . It rocks . I love your flashes and everything too bad i only seen the Halo ones .


2008-01-18 00:22:56

hey, make some halo series. i liked that one with humour. (i liked your other too, even most of what i seen was halo)


2008-02-02 18:58:55

Hey, I am Clam Oaste from EBWS, woohoo!